This is my blog

I'll be posting my writing here, but there's no set theme. You're probably going to see a mix of design and development talk, with hints of my life sprinkled in.

I found a permanent developer role!

It finally happened!

Attending my first orchestra

I recently visited London to attend the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Orchestra with my partner. It was an amazing experience - let me tell you about it.

The civic movement in England: what is it, why should I care and how do I engage?

Across the country there are hundreds of civic societies; fiercely independent organisations aiming to work with local people and authorities to better the places we live, shop and work in. Learn more about them, why you should care and how to engage with them.

Sourcing free high-quality images for personal and commercial use

Images engage people and add context and decoration to the things we write about. It's important to know how to source these images for personal and commercial use, especially if you want to source these for free.

Let's look at copyright

Copyright is vital to be aware of if you are creating and sharing content. I'm no lawyer, but this is a rundown of everything I was taught on my design course in the UK and what I think you should know.

PARC Principles

The PARC principles are the basics of good design. But what are they, and how do we use them?

Volunteers needed for Pontefract Civic Society

Pontefract Civic Society is looking for volunteers of all experience and skill.

I graduated university at 19 years old!

I talk about my journey from high school to graduating university at 19.

Creating a gallery using mix-blend-mode

I explain how I make a gallery using the mix-blend-mode CSS, with an example from CodePen. Featuring my Dancer from FFXIV! 🕺

How I made text gradients

I explain how I make text with gradient fill in HTML and CSS, with an example from CodePen.

An introduction to typography

One of the first things I learned in university was typography. In this, I introduce typography, and talk about taxonomies, type families and weight.