Hi, I'm Jaydn

I’m a designer who codes, currently working as a Digital Skills Graduate Intern at Lancaster University. I’m helping to build digital confidence across campus and develop digital skills across the University.

My Skills & Qualifications

I have a Level 5 Foundation Degree in Creative & Digital Industries, and a Level 3 City & Guilds in Social Media for Business.

I'm trained in semantic HTML and CSS (and used SASS), SEO, design for print and digital design. I've designed and built websites, designed documents and logos, as well as drafted marketing documents.

An avatar of me.
Created by my friend, Alisha Faye

I’m involved in the community

Until 2020, I was living in Pontefract, West Yorkshire where I was involved in my local community as a volunteer with Pontefract Castle and Pontefract Civic Society.

Pontefract is an amazing town with a rich, millennia long history.

Pontefract Castle

At the castle, I occasionally ran children’s activities, manned the dungeon, greeted guests and helped in the running of public events. I made some amazing connections in my time as a volunteer here.

Pontefract Civic Society

As a volunteer with the Civic Society, I have been responsible for the execution of multiple design projects, including the new Blue Plaque Guide and the Pontefract Town Hall history guide. I’ve designed posters and images seen on their social media and have been consulted regarding web and SEO.

Despite my move to Lancaster, I still volunteer for the Civic Society when I have time.

Pontefract Valley Gardens in full bloom.
Pontefract Valley Gardens. Photo by Jacqueline O'Gara on Unsplash