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Hi, I'm Jaydn.

I make accessible & performant JAMstack websites.

I'm looking for work!

I'm over halfway through my two year contract and am now looking for work. If you think I would fit in with your team, please get in touch. Alternatively, you can reach me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

I’m a designer who codes, currently working as a Digital Skills Graduate Intern at Lancaster University. I’m helping to build digital confidence across campus and develop digital skills across the University. This includes the delivery of live training sessions to both staff and students, creation of learning digital materials, content auditing & reviewing, as well as using a CMS to create engaging webpages.

I have experience creating websites using accessible & performant HTML/CSS (and SCSS!) and using the JAMstack to create blogs made of static pages, as well as design for a range of mediums and contexts.

I volunteer for the Pontefract Civic Society, where I design marketing materials and the bi-monthly newsletter, Pontefract Voice, that reaches over 400 people.

In my spare time, I also make tarot cards, over at Inlustris Tarot. I'm aiming to modernise tarot in a way that people can easily interpret and relate to the meanings of the cards. A modern deck for a digital age, if you like.

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