Hi, I’m Jaydn.

I’m a Digital Skills Graduate Intern at Lancaster University’s Information Systems Services (ISS). I’m helping to build digital confidence across campus and develop digital skills across the University.

I’m also Junior Web Designer & Front-End Developer, living in Lancaster, England. I’ve finished university and I came out with a Foundation Degree in Creative and Digital Industries! It’s basically web design and development, design for print, some SEO and digital marketing all mixed together.

You may have seen me involved in the Pontefract community (where I’ve lived until recently), or at least my work. I am a volunteer at Pontefract Castle. I’m also a member of and volunteer at the Pontefract Civic Society. If you’ve picked up the Blue Plaque Guides around town, you’ve seen my work (yes, I did that!). I want to do what I can with modern tools to promote my town’s rich history that spans a thousand years.

Outside of that, you can probably catch me gaming (online and off), designing, making planets or reading High Fantasy novels, such as The Wheel of Time or Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere. Check out my Now page if you want to keep up with what I’m doing.

What about my experience?

I’ve been using Photoshop for a few years, and I know my way around. I can mock you up a decent website, make planets and moons, create graphics, and the odd photo-manipulation.

I’ve used InDesign for all of my University documents and presentations, and I’ve been using it for my work with the Civic Society. I can use it to do pretty much anything I need to.

I’m somewhat familiar with Illustrator and have used it for some graphical and textual logos, but I’m no master.

Recently, I’ve been using Figma for my web designs. It’s so much better in its feel. I’ve used Sketch briefly too, so I do know my way around design tools.

You can catch my work on my Portfolio page, which will get updated every now and then.

I have qualifications. Promise!

I’ve been through a year of college and two years of university. Here are my qualifications:

  • FdA Creative & Digital Industries (Pass, 2019)
  • Level 3 Social Media for Business (Pass, 2017)

I also have:

  • Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work (Pass, 2019)

Get in touch!

I’m currently employed at Lancaster University, so my time is mostly taken up. If you have any enquiries, email me at: hello@jaydnedwards.com.

You can also reach me on my Twitter.